AMERKIA or The K in Art

A travel to Amerika in Saxony AMERIKA.ART

You have to be an art interpreter to understand Koyaanisqat.si, or a key enigmatologist who creates keys. Well AMERKIA is such a key that was used over 200 thousand times before AMERIKA.ART turned the misspelling right. That“s a global phenomena, even in The New York Time you find Amerkia. How can such a misspelling of Amerika happen on headlines? Not once, not twice. Google counts them in the millions. Is there a human mindset behind, a sequence of patterns? The QWERTZ phenomena in Germany, the QWERTY on English keyboards? Now things are straight, Amerika instead of Amerkia, the K brings life to Kunst, the German word for art.

AMERIKA.ART takes place in Germany, more precisely in Amerika in a town in central Saxony. Amerika has 46 inhabitants, a train station, a museum and a company, Stahlbau Amerika GmbH. Amerika now also has a server on which AMERIKA.ART is hosted. What Amerika doesn’t have yet is a post stamp and also a landing place for the Air Force One is missing. The American ambassador was already there. A helicopter landing spot should be enough for the president if he wants to go to Amerika, so the message of the old Amerikans, most of them over 70 years old. History counts, you can see this in the Amerika Museum. The old postage stamp from the The German Empire, which is exhibited there could still be used if there would be not the bureaucracy.

In the world of art it is a lot easier when you know where to go. There is always a way, as an artist or as a visitor. Just ask WOHIN.COM. [Where to go] By the way, the trip to Amerika will begin in Leipzig in May 2022. I SEE YOU IN AMERIKA – AMERIKA.ICU … and KISMA will be there.

Keywords:virtual worlds, coded worlds, immersivia, opensimulator, virBELA, FrameVR, Kisma Reidling, Art Blue, Immersionskunst, Amerika.ART

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