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Berlin / Germany, 28.03.2019. Those who travel usually have less time than they want. The more difficult is the answer to the question: What“s really worth a visit? What do I do with my time? The label „Must Visit! Tourist Attraction“ can help decide what to visit. It is awarded by the German Society for Quality Analyzes (DGQA).

„Every traveler can relate to this: one waits a long time in line to look at an attraction for which one has paid a lot of money and in the end it was not worth it“, says Frank Mutschke, the managing director of DGQA. „That’s why, when giving out the Must-Visit! label, we are guided by the question, ‚What would you do if you were only 24 hours in a certain city or place?'“

The label exists in various categories such as gold, silver and bronze for buildings, restaurants and hotels, parks, museums and art. The rating of an attraction is based on fixed criteria. These include importance and awareness, architecture, security, family friendliness, accessibility, educational purpose and last but not least: the fun factor. Most of the attractions have been visited by the editors of the DGQA itself. For others it uses external information.

All Must-Visit! Attractions are listed on the website www.must-visit-tourist-attraction.com. Anyone who has suggestions and tips is invited to pass them on to the editors. Because the database should continue to grow. The DGQA is also pleased to receive photos of travelers who have their Must-Visit! Logo photographed in front of their favorite attraction.

Anyone who runs a tourist attraction and misses it in the Must-Visit! directory can also contact the DGQA. „If you convince our team, you may soon be able to wear the label yourself. Our awards are for attractions around the world, there are no spatial restrictions. We are always happy to receive applications and suggestions“, explains Frank Mutschke.


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